For overall development of the students’ personality, the College facilitates them through departmental fests and college events.

Co-Curricular Fests

These fests provide forum for innovative minds to give expressions to their creative vision and to improve their technical skills.

Department wise fests and workshops are organized at national level once in a year. The technical fest organized by each department is given below

1. Electronics & Communication Engineering – ENIGMA

2. Electrical & Electronics Engineering – ARC

3. Computer Science Engineering – PHREAK

4. Mechanical & Civil Engineering – ANIRVEDA

Extra Curricular Fests At the college level, these fests are organized once in a year.

1. Spark – A three day college celebrations

Day 1 – Sports Day

Day 2 – Ethnic Day

Day 3 – College Day

2. Freshers Day – A welcome fest organized by the seniors to their juniors